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However, many technology resources standard to most computer classrooms - word processing, Internet use, Power Point, and other types of multimedia - may benefit SLD students with only slight modifications.

Unfortunately these technologies are too rarely evaluated for how they might help "individuals with learning disabilities to compensate for specific cognitive deficits" (Day and Edwards).

Vivian Cook is professor of applied linguistics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

He was inspired to write this book out of frustration with those who, not knowing the crucial gender difference between the British spellings Vivian and Vivien assume from his first name that he is a woman. I was interested in and enjoyed the sections on why we spell the way we do, how spellings and usages have changed over time, and different pronunciations of letters.

In order for technology to truly function as an assistive devices, potential needs for accommodation must be considered when designing an activity/assignment.

A crucial accommodation is giving explicit clarification whether in the classroom, in the lab, on the web, or via distance learning.

Something as simple as encouraging students to word process all assignments can have a dramatic impact on a student with poor motor-coordination, which often makes his or her handwriting disorganized and difficult to read.

However, just because a teacher uses technology in the classroom does not mean the SLD student will benefit.

There are humorous looks at spelling of English in other countries, on notices, menus and other places.They just learn differently (Shaywitz, Davis 3, Levine qtd in Prescott 18-19, La Voie Understanding Learning Disabilities, Krantrowitz 72-74, 78).New terms refocus attention from an overall deficiency to a narrow developmental disorder that affects how the student learns.My attempts are useless, since he's right in front of me and since the entire class turned to look at him the moment he threw open the door.He stares at the books for a minute, turns to face the class, and announces, as if he had just awakened: "I just dropped my textbooks in the library return chute." He turns and runs back out again to few muffled titters from the class.

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Even those who think they are excellent at spelling, can still take a look at some of the exercises.

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