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and maybe party at night." That's how it all started in 2013."Nothing really tells you how to do that, once you get around 25 and up," Gibbons said."And this is a really great place to go, and just fit in.Everybody just sort of accepts you, which is a really crazy, fun thing."David Chestnut, a 35-year-old cloud-computing consultant, didn't go to camp as a kid growing up in Florida.When he bought online tickets to Camp Throwback in 2014, he was looking to expand his "social ecosystem."For these grown-ups, ranging from their mid-20s to early 60s, socializing at Throwback takes on a whole new attitude."Then it seems like they go their separate ways."Some have found themselves face to face with raccoons and the occasional field mouse."Just seeing the way these very citified folks interacted with wildlife was a pretty good time," recalled Chestnut.

Breakfast might consist of waffles and Bloody Marys. On the itinerary: sunset lake swims, tarot card readings, organic farming, cardio, and lessons in yoga, astrology, meditation, and dream catcher–making (obvi). There’s even a handful of tents and teepees for lounging, though the highlight is surely the airy three-story tree house, built around an old elm, whose Pendleton blankets, statement chandelier made of antlers, and full library loft give it grown-up appeal and that serves as a communal gathering spot.

No more worrying about "getting dressed up and looking attractive" before going out on the town, said Gibbons.

For 5 they can socialize in a relaxed setting where they can "have fun and act like they're 15 again for just a couple days." When Gibbons got the idea to start Camp Throwback three years ago, she met some resistance.

There’s also, sadly, no glow sticks, but the reward—leaving behind your workaday routine for a phone- and watch-free weekend—far outweighs the sacrifice.

Unplug and reconnect with yourself and the great outdoors during courses on archery, dance, stargazing, and survival skills.

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