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He wrote and published a number of Christian comics tracts such as Londa (1980), The Miracle of Dr.

Miller (date unknown), The Last Cup of Coffee (1993), and Poison - A True Story (2002).

Born 25 August 1930, James Blocksom was originally from Ohio USA.

The phrase “Verdorbene Kultur” was cited in July 2007 by Horst Mahler, a leading German revisionist historian, when saying that Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” should no longer be banned in Germany since it provided well-founded definitions of what constituted a Zionist-enslaved culture in moral decline.Returning to America, he began preparations to be a missionary in Japan.He was married to his wife, Barbara, who was also called to missionary work, and graduated from Trinity Seminary College.Germany under its Zionist controlled leaders has now reached the point in which certain words used in German society will make one highly suspect.In Europe’s dissenting underground community these words are known as “Germany’s forbidden words.” - This word denotes the “predominant culture” of German and European social mores which most Germans wish to retain as part of their Germanic culture.

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Primarily he worked with other artists, such as Doug Chafey and Bill Webb, but he sometimes did his own artwork.

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