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Too lazy to investigate properly, Kyoko decides to accuse the first person she sees, which turns out to be Izumiko.

However, the club's vice president, Hasumi Ōba, proves Izumiko's innocence whilst Rikei uses an army of cats to stop Yuka from abolishing the club.

After the tests are more or less deemed worthless, Itsuki is made a member, saving the club from being abolished.

Episode Parody: Saint Seiya Crybaby Hakata Kanamori is pushed around by Kyoko as she attempts to recruit people for the Tenmon club, the pressure of which soon causes her to delusionally dress up as a bunny.

Kyoko soon decides to take advantage of Hakata's delusions and thrusts her into a magical girl battle to bring her back to the Tenmon club.

Episode Parody: Sailor Moon A girl from another school becomes interested in the Tenmon club, although Kyoko is oddly hostile towards her.

Whilst waiting for it to get dark, the club holds a hero show whilst Hasumi and Yuka recall their childhood, in which they met an old lady who loves stargazing together.

Kyoko and Izumiko soon engage in a quiz battle, which is interrupted by the student council president, Yuka Iseda, forcing them to settle their score in another fashion. ) Club member Rikei Hiromatsu develops a fetish for being rubbed against by the club's cat mascot, Neko-sensei.As the others realise they need a drug to counter the effects of Itsuki's pheremones, Itsuki starts spreading his pheromones across the school, turning all the girls into loyal zombies.Kyoko develops a new batch of anti-pheremone and confronts Itsuki, but Izumiko stands in her way, allowing Itsuki to knock her out and escape with the anti-pheremone.Afterwards, Izumiko joins the rest of the club in viewing the stars, where she notices a particular star, apparently known as the Death Star.Episode Parody: Blue Comet SPT Layzner Izumiko, who had long been searching for Itsuki, finally finds him, becoming shocked by the fact he was crossdressing the entire time.

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Episode Parody: MMR: Magazine Mystery Reportage Kyoko and the others confront Itsuki, who transforms into a handsome adult form and uses a drug to transform Kyoko and Hakata into little girls with the intention of making them his loli maids.

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