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Once a debt has been sent to collections, you may have no choice but to When you do come up with a payment arrangement, or a debt settlement letter, get it in writing before you pay a penny.

Otherwise, the terms can change and it will be your word against theirs.

It’s helpful to come up with a few sentences that you can use consistently when you talk with creditors.

These sentences could include: Try to stay calm, no matter what the person on the other end of the line says. If you find yourself losing your cool, just tell the collector you’ll have to talk with them later and hang up.

Of course, there are some best practices when it comes to debt negotiation, including explaining your current money situation, taking notes and obtaining written confirmation of any settlement you do reach.

If possible, try to work out an agreement with your creditors before a bill is sent to collections.

We’ve heard of consumers being hounded for balances they thought were resolved years before.

If you are having trouble coming up with a repayment plan that works, find out whether a credit counseling agency can help you work something out with your creditors.

As such, there’s a chance one will agree to a settlement.

Creditors, too, may be good with reaching an agreement, since the alternative is to write the debt off as a loss.

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