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The countess will always be a part of who I am.” De Lesseps still uses the title for business: She has clothing and bedding lines called “the Countess Collection.” Interestingly, Luann chose Switzerland — where she used to live with the count during her first marriage — as her getaway following her split with D’Agostino.Perhaps she’s trying to rediscover her countess core?I still at that moment was hoping that we could work it out." 4. She doesn't completely blame the show for the divorce or think Tom completely blames the show, but "it certainly didn't help." 7. The divorce was a mutual decision, apparently."We both filed. We were both having problems, and we were both suffering. Luann is not a chump."There's many things you can say, but I'm not a chump," she declared.8. Lu's best defense is that she had "blinders" on for most of her relationship with Tom."All I can say is I had these blinders on, and all of a sudden, the blinders came off, and I was like, this is not good." 10. I got married the first time after two weeks of [dating] and it lasted 17 years, so somehow I thought, you know what, this could happen again to me... "Luann went into this wanting to make it work," she said.I've never seen her happier." De Lesseps was married to the Count from 1993 to 2009, and they share two children together Noel and Victoria.According to an article from , Tom and Luann “text and talk to each other, but it’s not super in depth.Of course this bit of information comes from an unnamed “source,” so who knows how true it actually is.

After Andy Cohen made his way to Luann's Sag Harbor house, skipped up the front steps, and joined her for some rosé in the kitchen like the intro to a fabulous cooking show instead of the intro to a dramatic interview about a divorce, he and Luann settled into a couple of wicker chairs in her back yard for their casual chat. I was a countess, so it's a brand that I own as Luann de Lesseps." She has a bedding collection coming out, y'all.17.

"I wasn't great at the reunion because we had had a fight the weekend before, and I stayed at the hotel. Luann did not hook up with Scott Disick."We were at the same restaurant, but there was no canoodling going on." (Also, she thinks "he's not a real lord.")14. It was a bad situation that was not going to get any better.

I was at the reunion and standing by my husband because I respect him, no matter what happened, I respect our marriage. "He's a flirty guy, he's a social guy, but I think people take that the wrong way sometimes." 6. So I don't blame him, but I just think life takes care of itself in a certain way." 15.

For the most part, it has seemed like a pretty peaceful breakup between Tom and Luann, but there is still plenty of gossip floating around.

As expected there has been plenty of chatter about Tom “flirting” with “attractive” women at various New York City hot spots, but the latest rumor about who Tom has been in contact with is actually pretty surprising.

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