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Once a woman becomes afraid of being single, desperation creeps in.Being desperate for a man will lead a woman into doing strange things, which instead of attracting men to her, will push men away.Not everyone keeps their phone in eyeshot all the time and he might just be busy.Sending a text asking why he didn’t reply to your other text is a definite sign of desperation and it will only annoy him anyway.4.

These photos also show there is a lack of maturity so move on from this ‘Jersey Shore’ wannabe.

Have you seen these men on your online dating sites?

(Here's the list of the best online global dating sites). What's your advice for the best ways of avoiding these online dating traps?

No biggie, we do that to our weight; what’s a few pounds right?

This job title is tricky because there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs searching for love but the term has become the jobless man’s cover.

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Men who typically are over eager to run to the altar, tend to wear rose-colored glasses during the dating process just so that they can get a wife.

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