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Ask me about flying the Bucc at lower speeds, sometimes cross-controlled going around finals, and I might have to think a little harder..... From my sketchy history it went TSR 2, F-111K, Buccaneer.

I understand from previous threads that the TSR 2 was never realy going to work (even if it looked great).

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Ah, the venerable Buccaneer As an air cadet, circa 1976, I was standing behind the controllers on a tower visit to the Holbeach ranges.

Following a flight of Harriers which came in and shot up the targets, we were informed that the next traffic would involve USAF F111s. There was much anticipation; unfortunately, there was also much clag and in due course our friends from across the pond called in to say that the cloud base was below 1000 feet and they were scrubbing boo!

An acceptable wartime design but with major low speed handling and asymmetric issues which wouldn't be acceptable today.Actually that approach (old airframe, new technology) might work well for several airframes - not least a mosquito built from carbon fibre/composite with a pair of turboprops - great intruder type aeroplane for sure...........Hmmm Arc As the famous Buccaneer pilot Bruce Chapple once said "Buccaneers weren't built, they were quarried!I was on Buccs at Laarbruch at the time and I believe that although the Bucc was considered for Black Buck it was eventually decided not to use it as we, in Germany, were still assigned to SACEUR and those at Lossie were assigned to SACLANT with all that that entailed on the Strike options. However, for clarification, the problem was the length of the sortie from Ascension to Stanley, some 3800nms (one way) which, at 0.8M, would have taken just under 8 hours.Without a landing option on Corporate that turned the distance into 7600nms and rather more than the Bucc gearbox oil (or my ass) would last.

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